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REGISTRATION Read, sign, and return the flyer liability waiver. Show your valid NAR/TRA membership card. Pick up your registration packet. LCO broadcast on FM 88.3 MHz.

VOLUNTEER! We cannot run this launch without your help. PLEASE volunteer!

RANGE HOURS The range will open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. EDT each day. Be aware that the launch field is VERY close to Illinois (CDT). Your cell phone time may not be accurate.

FAA WAIVER The FAA waiver is 17,999 feet MSL. Anyone deliberately breaking the waiver will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.
Danville ASOS weather (217) 442-4460.

PARKING Fliers should park and set up to the east of the launch field, across the road, in the NORTH or SOUTH lot. The WEST lot is reserved. Park vehicles on the rye grass, east-west with popups, tables, work areas in front or behind (NOT beside) your vehicle.

APPROVED MOTORS Commercial and research motors allowed. Sparkies on the RIGHT SIDE ONLY!

PICK UP ALL TRASH Please help us respect our landowners by picking up ALL trash near your area. Extra trash bags are available at the Registration table. There are several trash containers around the parking and flying areas.

NO VEHICLES ON FIELD Mostly, no vehicles on the field. If you have a large, heavy rocket, come to the Registration table. The irrigation access road may be used to access the away pads.

UTV ROCKET RECOVERY Landowners and Farm managers will drive you on their UTV’s to recover your rocket for a small donation to our club. A map of the permitted recovery area is available at the RSO desk.
Please respect the land.


                                               1) Fill out a flight card. Please fill out COMPLETELY.

                                               2) Have your rocket inspected by the Range Safety Officer.

                                               3) Check for an available pad in your impulse class.

                                              4) Take the flight card & your rocket to the pad.

                                              5) Put your rocket on the pad.

                                              6) Install the igniter.

                                              7) Write the pad # on the flight card.

                                              8) Return your flight card to the Launch Control Officer.