April 4-6, 2014 / Ash Grove, IN


We’ve simplified registration this year! Adult registration is a single flat rate for one, two, or three days of flying. Youths, as always, fly free. Pre-registration for the launch will close on March 29th. Forgot if you’ve already registered? Check the list to see if we have a badge waiting for you! (Except for youth flyers– we’ve got your names on another list.)

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All flyers must be in posession of a registration badge to access the range. Additionally, youth flyers must have passed the TMP exam to access the high power range (i.e., anything beyond the first row of pads). You can visit the Tripoli TMP page for more information, or contact one of our board members.

T-shirts are also available through the registration system. Reserve yours in advance to guarantee availability; last year’s shirts sold out almost immediately!

Launch Site

Located twenty minutes north of Purdue University, Ash Grove is one of three P-capable fields east of the Mississippi river. We are incredibly grateful to our landowners Chris Krok, Millard Plumlee, Jim Fields, and Faye Fields for allowing us to fly from their property. For a map and directions, visit the Ash Grove Field page.

We set up 40 pads for the event with 4′ 1/8″-1/4″ rods and 8′ 1010/1515 rails, plus two launch trailers at the away cells (12′ 1010/1515, 16′ 1515). Rods up to 1/2″ are available on request, but you’ll probably have to dig them out of the club trailer. All pads are centrally controlled by the launch control and range safety officers via Wilson F/X, ensuring a safe and reliable range.

On-Site Information

Range hours are 9 AM to 6 PM. The FAA has permitted us 16,000′ MSL, with 22,000′ MSL on-demand windows throughout the day. There will be a Class 1 Night Launch on Saturday night from 8:30 PM until we run out of rockets.

On-site rocketry vendors tentatively include Wildman Rocketry, Red Arrow Hobbies, Wildman Kentucky, and County Line Hobbies. All vendors are welcome; send us an e-mail confirming your participation and we can add you to the list. The Boy Scouts will also be back serving food, with a larger staff and an improved menu.

Personnel for both NAR and TRA certifications will be on site all weekend. If you’d like to certify Level 1, Indiana Rocketry has 29mm hardware and small reloads on hand for attempts; get in touch with our prefect for details.

At the request of our landowners, absolutely no vehicles are permitted to drive in the fields. If you need assistance loading or recovering a large project, plan ahead to make sure you’ve got enough helping hands to get it loaded and recovered. There are usually plenty of excited and helpful rocketeers around who will lend a hand!

If you are bringing a special project, please let us know your needs. For Class 3 projects, we can run 6DOF for you in-house, or assist you in routing your paperwork through the TRA C3RC. Large ground-start cluster projects also need to contact us so that we can ensure adequate ground support.

Competitions & Awards

As usual, we will be running the Thunderstruck Mach Madness competition this year. The rules are simple: fastest rocket wins. Don’t break the waiver. Judging will be based on the accelerometer-derived velocity recorded by a calibrated on-board flight computer–barometric velocity measurements are too inconsistent for us to use. The entry fee is $20, payable at registration; one fee covers as many flights over the course of the weekend as you’d like to put up. The winner gets an awesome trophy and bragging rights. Who will be the baddest in the land?

New! Wildman Hobbies is coordinating a new demo of the CTI Pro54 J180SK Long Burn motors — in a drag race, of course. If you’ve got a 4″ Jart to race, give Tim a call at (815) 638-3200 to get a case, closure, and reload for $100. Supplies are limited to the first ten racers, so get yours today!

Wildman Kentucky will be running a SuperJart drag race: 5″ Jarts with 75mm mounts on 2-grain 75mm CTI L910CS motors. The package is $370 (Jart + hardware + reload), or $250 if you already have the Jart. Contact Darryl Hankes at nocturnalknightrocketry@yahoo.com or (270) 325-4510 to get one!

Countyline Hobbies is running an EZI-65 drag race. This race pairs the classic LOC 4″ kit with either a DMS I140W, I280DM, or I65W (pending availability), with the motor available at half price. For more information, contact Bob Jablonski at (574) 767-0660.

For youth flyers, we will again be awarding the Lorraine D. Garrott Trophy. Mrs. Garrott granted Indiana Rocketry permission to fly in her field outside of Ash Grove, and was incredibly passionate about ensuring the next generation of children engaged fully in their education and futures. This trophy is given each year in her memory to the youth flyer who shows the most growth and puts up the most memorable flights over the course of the weekend.


Volunteers are the heart of any launch, and volunteering is a fantastic way to meet your fellow rocketeers. Please sign up on the volunteer page and help us check in flyers, check in rockets, and manage the range. For those unfamiliar with our range management techniques, we have posted a page of job descriptions to help introduce you to the duties involved. It’s easy, fun, and free.

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