Purdy Sod Farm

Purdy Sod Farm is our current launch field.  This launch field is restricted to LIMITED Class 2 (A thru K impulse classes). It is important that you follow the Purdy Sod Farm Rules at all times while flying on this field. Failure to do so can lead to being banned from using the field.

Indiana Rocketry Inc. would like to express our deep and sincere appreciation to Mr. Ed Purdy for allowing us to use his property for a launch field. The field is located in central Tippecanoe County, 6 ½ miles East of Dayton, close to the intersection of US231 and County Road W 500 S. The launch field is just south of Mayflower Elementary School.

Directions from US 231:
Take US 231 until your reach County Road W 500 S (this is south of Veteran’s Memorial Highway). Head east on W 500 S for a short distance, and then head south on Old 231. You will reach Autumn Lane in .37 miles. Old 231 extends about 1/10 of a mile beyond Autumn Lane. Follow it. You should see the launch to the east (on your left).

Purdy South Directions