Thunderstruck 3 Launch Report

Thunderstruck 2012 was a huge success, with an incredible number of flights up to the speed, altitude, and impulse limits of our field. Click through for photos from the event, along with a great teaser for Justin Farrand’s video production!

Video from Justin Farrand:

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Launch Report

Midwestern rocketry has a long and proud history. The central states have been hotbeds of research and commercial rocketry alike, fostering launch traditions like Danville, Midwest Power, ECOF, and Three Oaks. Indiana Rocketry is a relative newcomer to this arena. Shortly after its founding, the members of Indiana Rocketry decided to follow suit with the clubs around them and host a regional launch.
Thunderstruck is the club’s contribution to this thriving rocketry scene. Spurred on by a streak of warm weather and the last-minute announcement that the club had secured independent insurance, 143 flyers from 12 states, four universities, and three high schools descended with their families and friends on the county line north of Purdue University to enjoy three days of all-ages, all-motors flying, burning 294,000 N-sec of propellant in the process. Under the guidance of launch director Vic Barlow and with additional support from fellow nonprofit club Quad Cities Rocketry Society, Indiana Rocketry was able to field 48 pads in a split left-right launch arrangement, ensuring plenty of opportunities for flyers to test their latest projects. Three towers were placed at the 1000 foot away cell for numerous N and O powered flights throughout the weekend, as well.