November 2012 Launch Report

Our November season opener was a fantastic launch, with great weather, tons of certifications, and lots of new members. Click through for reports, video, and links to local news reports about the launch!

The Lafayette Journal & Courier newspaper was on hand to produce a photo gallery feature!

Video from Devin Kees:

Onboard Grimracer’s Corvette on an H238T:

Report from Richard Cash:

Sorry about the lack of information about the flights, but this is as good as I remember.

123 flights by 58 flyers. 22 first time flyers on our Club Rockets. 2 families because of TGIF, 5 because of photo in Sunday paper, 1 from sign on SR43 and 1 because the Cub Scouts did some flying Saturday south of town and the “guy there said that we should come here today.”

Dennis Watkins flew twice: Wildman Extreme on a research N2700. Something happened to his Performance Hellfire on a research K500 (saw the shred, do not know what happened).

Paul Wolak flew a Wac Corporal 2 stage, J540 to J245 and an Ultimate Endevor cluster 1 L700, air start 3 I284.

Grimracer flew a bunch.

Vic, Black Brant X on a research M1500SOR, good flight.

Eric Barlow, Wildman DD, J415, research K400, AMW K1720 Scalded Tiger– good looking motor.

Lee Berry, Madcow PAC-3 AT I245 Green, plus several mid power flights.

Tim Brant, Astro Traveler, F39T. As retro cool as ever, and a good flight. Black Diamond, G76G, booster separated from nose cone, all parts found, Tim says “will fly again.”

Jake Brown, passed the TME exam, flew his GLR Liberty3 twice, H143SS and H123SK.

John Combs flew 4 times, only remember the Scratch Stealth on H123, Darkstar Extreme K740, $3 Wocket H242, Wildman Jr, I218R.

Alix Crandell, Wildman Pink Lady, CTI H399. (Pink Rocket.)

David Fox, Purdue USLI Blue Ribbon Lite, Research K750.

Brandon Gross, Jart H410 VMAX. Heard the boom. Supersonic. Need I say, he wore out the Estes pad.

Jenny and Brandon, Wildman Darkstar Gemini, I200.

Jenny Gross Wildman Warrior J354. Jart (pretty) G106 SK, wow, can you believe it, Jenny Gross flying a Skid! Wildman Eagle Claw named “Slightly Dangerous”, CTI L640 Dual Thrust. Somebody else LCO this one so I got to see it go up. Good flight.

Mike Gross, Gizmo J244, Scratch Dart AMW K560, Darkstar J354.

William Kincaid, Madcow DX3 on a CTI H223, Honest John H90.

David Kittell. Wildman, Extreme Boilermaker, Aerotech M1850. David was worried about the waiver so he arced over and flew northeast landing next to the gun club to stay below the wavier, converting altitude to slant range — or so he said later.

Larry Koskie, Vindicator, AT K1275, Intimidator 5, KBA M1450.

Joe and Greg LaMaster, Sidewinder K1100, Amraam K700, Wildthang H178 DM (DM are starting to grow on me, this one I remember), Amraam K805 Green long burn.

Tom McFee — several flights, a couple of two stagers.

Claude Paquin– Dark Star Mini, H410, Darkstar DD, K740 and K490. One flew well, the other burned the casing above the nozzle retainer and demonstrated low level vectored thrust.

Our own Brian Perry stepped away from the LCO table and flew his PML Ariel I211W, Arreaux G40, Estes Patriot D12. Glad to see Brian flying rockets!

Justin Perry flew low and mid power. Did a drag race with Jake, and as a fair and impartial judge I can say that my grandson whooped ’em!

New Member Jeff Taylor from St. John, IN. Scratch built named “Found”, I245

Certification Flights:

Seth Brady – L1 – Public Missiles Mirage, H151. Passed.

Brent Justice – L2 – Wildman Jr, J335. Passed.

Grace Merrell – NAR Jr L1 – Public Missile Der Flieder Skink, H194. She is the state 4H rocketry champion. This is the state fair champion rocket. She promised dad that she would fly the rocket if he bought it for her. She was seen carrying the rocket wrapped up in a blanket like a baby. Flew as great as it looked. Passed!

John Stevens – L1 – Wildman, CTI I180SK. Lawn darted.

Michael Soboleski – L1 – LOC Mithras, I284W. Did not secure the quick link and separated at deployment.

And in his own words:

“I am still remiss about losing Alix’s rocket trying to show off.
That should not have happened….
Stupid me.”

Gus Piepenberg, Wildman, K2045, 17 second motor eject, MIA.

From Gus Piepenburg:

First off, I want to thank everyone who had a part in setup/teardown, and the running of what turned out to be a great weekend for Indiana Rocketry to host a launch!

There were so many new faces in the crowd, and the fact that the Journal & Courier ran a brief picture gallery and WLFI came out to tape the event meant that we are really getting to be known for the great family fun we can provide.
For all of you who came near and far, thank you for spending your time with us this weekend… it really was good to see you all, even if I didn’t get a chance to speak with you.

To Dave from Red Arrow hobbies and Lee Berry (didn’t get to say hi, but thanks for coming!) of Merlin Missiles… you both are always welcome to come on by anytime we host an event, and I hope that the weekend was profitable.

Congratulations to Brent Justice on a successful L2, Seth Brady on a Cert. 1 and Grace Merrill… Cert. 1!!! Great flights all.

Miss Alix, we will continue to look for the “Pink Lady”, and hopefully it will be found (the only bad part of Sunday, for me, on a personal level.)

Once again, thank you everyone… We will do it again in December!

Next time “El Presidante” is going to smite the earth a mighty blow! Beware ya’ll!