January 2013 Launch Report

Indiana Rocketry kicked off the new year in excellent fashion, with flights spanning the alphabet to M on a mostly clear day from our Ash Grove field.

The day started with Jake Brown flying his Liberty 3 on an Aerotech H123-W-M.

We then started a low power contest to see who could fly the most between Brandon Gross, Tom McFee and Corbin Stanchfield.

Corbin started with his Baby Bertha on B4-4, he then test flew his Crossfire XSI on a A8-3, after a successful test flight he stepped up to a C6-3, to close out his day he flew an Amazon on a C6-3. Way to go Corbin!

Brandon Gross only flew 8 low power flights, Causing everybody to wonder if he was feeling ill! Brandon did have to take some to to help dad recover his rocket, so all is forgiven.

Tom McFee stepped up and flew 7 times. A couple of CAD two stage rockets and his scratch build Red Flame on a F26-FJ. Tom’s getting closer to high power at every launch.

The low power pad also saw Barry McCabe fly an Estes Code Red on a C6-3.

And we had GiGi McKinney, a 2 year granddaughter of a local farmer, make her first flight on a Club rocket.

Now it is time for the high power flights. They started with Dennis Watkin’s Mad Dog on a research M1300 SK (Jenny’s formula). I believe we can best describe that motor as “Burn, baby, burn” A nice long burn, good job Dennis!

Mike Gross flew his Wildman Moody Blues on a K740 CStar. That got a big “WOW” from GiGi, and everybody else there.

William Kincaid, after watching the wind blow most of the day (muttering dual deploy the whole time), decided to fly his Mad Cow DX3 on an I195.

Randy Milliken flew twice, his PML Amraam 3 on a H250C, and his Formula 75 on a H155RL. Both flew straight and true.

David Reese made it to the field in time to fly his ISQY Tomahawk on a research M1800 white. Flew straight and true, landed next to the road. What more could you ask for?

And finally, to close the field, U of I flew a Wildman Ultimate Darkstar on a L2200. This was a test flight preparing for USLI. Flew straight and true, landed in the middle of the (muddy) field. What more could you ask for? Besides landing next to the road.