December 2012 Launch Report

December’s launch was breezy and overcast. Nonetheless, we managed to put up everything from A8s to J415s. Click through for a flight report and some great photos by Vic Barlow and Jeff Taylor.

Richard Cash opened the day with his Wildchild on an Estes G40.

Brandon Gross flew his Mean Machine 3 times on a D12-5, E9-6 and once more on a D12-5, when he shouldn’t have. Lost his Dark Star Mini when he flew on a H410 Vmax.

Mike Gross flew his Darkstar Jr, on a J354 and a Wildchild Jr on a G90SK.

Jeff Taylor flew his scratch build So What! on a J415, his son Sam Taylor flew his Estes Red Max on a B6-4, decided that he needed more power and flew again on a C6-5, Sam also flew a Estes Fat Boy on a G12.

Corbin Stanchfield (our youngest member) flew his Estes Baby Bertha on an A8-3,B6-4 and twice on a C6-3.

Mike Soboleski certified NAR Level 1 on his LOC Mithras on a I-284W, he then certified L2 using the same rocket on a J-350W.

17 flights by 6 flyers.

Vic, David, David, Dennis, Mike, Jenny and myself flew the trailer to unobserved heights on a lot of hot air.

–Richard Cash