Our launches run solely on the shoulders of rocketeers who step up to volunteer. No experience necessary — we’ll happily train you, so just ask and we’ll get you going!

Here are some basic guidelines to help get you started.

Pad Manager

Pad managing is a great way to get in to the world of volunteering at Indiana Rocketry events. Your duties include:

  • Pad assistance — helping the flyer in lowering/raising the launch pad to allow loading the rocket while pointing away from the flight line, ensuring the presence of igniter clips, finding a ladder to aid in arming electronics, etc. Additionally, non-working equipment should be reported to the LCO or a board member for replacement and repair.
  • Flight cards — gathering the flight cards from each flier, noting the pad number on the front in the process, and handing the completed bank’s cards to the LCO. When turning in the cards, advise the LCO of any high altitude flights requiring FAA call-in windows to ensure rapid processing.
  • Bank management — performing a final check prior to each flyer’s departure that their pad is aimed downrange away from the flight line by at least five degrees, and ensuring that all pads remain angled this way prior to clearing the bank for operation

Safety Check Officer

Safety check is the perfect way for more experienced fliers to meet other rocketeers and help ensure the safe operation of the range. The safety check officer is a designated position serving under the jurisdiction of the Range Safety Officer (RSO).

  • Check flyers — verify that each flyer is registered and has signed a liability waiver for the event (i.e., displaying a badge or wristband) and is of the appropriate certification level to operate their flight vehicle.
  • Verify flight cards — ensure that the card is filled out properly and legibly so that the flight may be processed by the pad manager and LCO, and so that the card may be filed for inclusion in the launch report.
  • Inspect rockets — check each rocket according to the nine-point checklist on the back of their flight card, plus any additional questions which are unique to the particular situation at hand.