Flight cards: (pdf)
Familiarize yourself with our flight cards. One card must be filled out for each flight you make at our launches; we provide stacks on launch day in various colors, based on what you’re flying. Flight cards help us say (or at least attempt to – you know who you are!) your name at over the PA system, and they help us to write the launch report after the event and gauge future club equipment needs. Fill them out legibly so we can give you credit!

Membership form: (pdf)
Fill out and print your membership application, or create a stabilized PDF to send in your renewal digitally.

Flyer waiver: (pdf)
For each launch, we provide waivers on site for you to fill out; alternatively, you can download a copy here and pre-print to save time at the field.

Club BylawsBylaws: (PDF, 03/12 version)
Our bylaws lay out our organizational purpose and the rights and responsibilities of members and officers alike.

Tripoli promotional video: (launch player)