Board of Directors

  • Vic Barlow
    President: Victor Barlow
    (TRA # 6839, NAR # 88988 – Level 3) TAP, L3CC
    Victor Barlow is an Assistant Professor of Computer & Information Technology at Purdue University where he has taught for the last 33 years. Vic is a born again rocketeer (BAR) who participated in model rocketry as a child in Florida during the time of the Apollo moon shots. Born just a month after Sputnik was launched, his passion for rocketry was reignited in 2003 when he met Doug Jackson through his son, Eric Barlow, who was involved in 4H rocketry. Mentored by Marc Rodgers and Doug Jackson, Vic joined TRA and certified Levels 1, 2, & earned his Level 3 in 2006 at Midwest Power IV. Vic is a founding member of Indiana Rocketry, Inc., a Tripoli TAP member and a NAR L3CC member. Vic frequently drives as far as Three Oaks, MI; Princeton, IL; and Muncie, IN to meet fellow rocketeers and attend launches. Vic has mentored at least numerous Purdue University Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering students through their Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. Vic’s primary interests are in the areas of rocket design and materials, flight electronics and real time telemetry.
  • Vice President: Tom McFee
  • dougjacksonPrefect: Doug Jackson
    (TRA # 6950, NAR # 82730 -Level 3) TAP
    Doug is a graduate of Vincennes and Purdue University. He works as a machinist at Fairfield Manufactures in Lafayette. Doug is also a born again rocketeer who built rockets in 4-H and science clubs when he was younger. Formerly a Superintendent in Aerospace for Tippecanoe County 4-H for 7 years, Doug found the delights of high power in 1998 and finally got his Level 3 in 2004. Being mentored by Marc Williams of Frankfort, he eventually met the rest of the gang of Indiana Rocketry, Inc. through 4-H.
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Barry McCabe
    (TRA # 13203, NAR # 92528 – Level 2)
  • Webmaster: Curtis Reynolds
    (NAR # 89578 – Level 2)
  • Member at Large: Virginia McCabe
  • GusPiepenburgMember at Large: Gus Piepenburg (TRA#10667 – Level 3)  TAP
    Gus started flying model rockets in his home state of Wisconsin during the late 70’s. During his career in the United States Air Force he worked on Minuteman ICBM Missiles along with supporting test launches of the weapon system during the eighties.
    Gus began flying high power rocketry 12 years ago and, was one of the original five founders of Indiana Rocketry, Inc. He recently was bestowed the honor of becoming a Tripoli TAP which gives our club another avenue for members wanting to Certify at all three levels.
    He travels to launches in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and, Kansas regularly and, is looking forward to attending a major launch in Nevada this year.