Member Accomplishments

As members have major accomplishments such as becoming certified or other personal successes, we will post them on this page to recognize them.

Richard Cash – Level 2

Richard Cash certified Level 2 at our windy November Ash Grove launch with a fast flight of his Wildman Jr. on a CTI J285.

John Combs – Level 1

John Combs - Level 1 CertificationJohn Combs certified Level 1 with a beautifully straight flight of his LOC Norad ProMax on an H123W. Congrats, John!

Ray Hansen – Level 1

Ray Hansen certified Level 1 at our May launch, with his Wildman Jr. on an H73J. Welcome to high power, Ray!

Richard Cash – Level 1

Richard Cash certified Level 1 at our May launch, with his LOC Hi-Tech H45 on an H123W.

John Tsohas – Level 2

John Tsohas flew his Mongoose 54 for a Level 2 cert flight at Thunderstruck, with an Aerotech J540R.

Brian Perry – Level 3

Brian Perry flew his successful Level 3 Certification flight at Thunderstruck 2010, with his 4″ Extreme Wildman on an M1500 Mojave Green motor. Congrats, Brian!

Tom Feldman – Level 2

Tom Feldman certified Level 2 with a perfect flight of his 3″ Wildman “Rattler” on a CTI J381 Skidmark.

Sam Midkiff – Level 2

Sam Midkiff certified Level 2 at Tripoli Indiana’s first Thunderstruck regional launch, with a long-burning J90W in his LOC EZI-65. Great flight, Sam!

John Tsohas – Level 1

John Tsohas certified Level 1 at our February Ash Grove launch, flying his dual-deploy Mongoose 54 on an I284W.

Alex Andrei – Level 1

Purdue graduate student Alex Andrei certified Level 1 at our November Ash Grove launch, flying his Onyx on an H128W.