Thunderstruck 6 is now officially canceled. We are, however, persevering in our hunt for a new site and have developed several leads. When we have good news to report it will appear on the front page of the website and our Facebook page.

The next regular meeting is at 7PM, February 8 at the Tippecanoe County Extension Agency office.

Indiana Rocketry is an independent rocketry club that is located in Lafayette, registered as Prefecture #132 with the Tripoli Rocketry Association and Section #711 with the National Association of Rocketry. Click on the appropriate logo below to join or renew your membership.

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We are fortunate to have two launch fields. Ash Grove is our High Power launch site from October to April. Once crops are planted, we continue to launch Class 1 rockets at Purdy Sod Farm from May through October. We welcome all fliers — low, mid, and high power, commercial and research — on all days we launch.

Our Ash Grove field is one of the biggest this side of the Mississippi, with a waiver up to 16,000’ and windows to 22,000’. It can support research and commercial flights up to P impulse. Launches at our summer field, Purdy Sod Farm, follow the NAR safety code and FAR 101 Class 1 rules: rockets can weigh up to 3.3 lbs, and use up to to 125 grams of commercial propellant.

So whether you’re a born-again old timer, a new rocketeer, or just interested in seeing some amazing flights, take some time and visit us during a launch event. You will find that certain midwest hospitality which just can’t be beat. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our next launch.